• What is the Trip of Wonders?

    The Trip of Wonders is a post-graduation adventure for a group of seniors from Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, OH. We're a diverse, well-traveled bunch with a shared enthusiasm for language, culture, cuisine, and experiences. Follow us as we we circle the globe starting May 27th!
  • The Play-by-Play

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Vanilla in Manila

Dear fantastic readers of our blog: Hi, it’s been a while. We left you hanging in Thailand, though you probably were filled in on the highlights of our adventure in this interim in one way or another. I wrote this post on the flight back from China, probably while wearing the fake Beats we were … Continue reading

We Are Sparta

As recent CWRU alumni, we wanted to pay homage our alma mater by representing Case around the world.

All Thaired Out

We arrived in Bangkok at our familiarly early time of 6:30. No delays having just emerged from Phuket, we felt groggy but we felt good. We had to. We had about 24 hours to conquer a city that travelers at our last hostel had spent about a month and our friend Simon (who we met … Continue reading

A Bucket in Phuket, pt. 2

A Bucket in Phuket, pt. 2 The following morning, we were as eager to start the day as we were to leave the dingy hostel we stayed in the previous night. We originally planned to catch the sunrise over Patong Beach, but we woke up around 8:00AM with wicked Chang-overs. Still, we changed into swim … Continue reading

A Bucket in Phuket

A Bucket in Phuket, Pt. 1 (Continued from “Oh My, Thai!”) On the morning after our first day in Bangkok, we all woke up at different times from a rocky night of sleeping in cramped berths. Our stop in Surat Thani was scheduled for 6:30AM, but because of the delay from the previous night, our … Continue reading

Update on Philppines

Hey readers (and specifically, parents), I just wanted to let everyone one know that we are on the beautiful island of Palawan far away from the usual terrorist/insurgent activities of the southern Philippines. Mrs. Costello has done an INCREDIBLE job in making sure we are escorted at all times and that we are under the … Continue reading

Oh My, Thai!

Oh My, Thai! The flight from Delhi to Bangkok was awful. We were flying AirAsia and we were very excited because we figured we would get a Thai meal on the flight to Thailand (like we had Indian food on the flight to India). Strike one: not only was there no food on the flight … Continue reading

Pilgrimage of Hinduism, Baha’i, and Kebab

It was a day like any other in India. We woke up, showered and ate our breakfast in our hostel, all under the false assumption (and hope) that the air conditioning would follow us outside. It did not. On the day we planned to spend the most time outdoors, India treated us with what seemed … Continue reading

Delhi Belly

By Jared, Walking into The Wood Castle, we were greeted with a cool gust of air that assured us that we would be enjoying air conditioning. To get to reception we had to walk down stairs that brought us below street level. The hostel owners gave us a warm welcome and told us to take … Continue reading

Taj Mahot Hot HOT!

Sunrise. T’was the night before Agra, and all through the hostel, all the creatures were stirring, such as the bugs in the bathroom and the geckos on the walls. We were all laying in our beds, covered in sweat, exhausted from a night of little to no sleep. This may have been due to the … Continue reading