Update on Philppines

Hey readers (and specifically, parents),

I just wanted to let everyone one know that we are on the beautiful island of Palawan far away from the usual terrorist/insurgent activities of the southern Philippines.

Mrs. Costello has done an INCREDIBLE job in making sure we are escorted at all times and that we are under the watch of her assigned guides and drivers. In fact, despite our efforts to send our driver and guide home early last night in Manila, they both insisted in seeing us back to our (really nice) hotel. We almost had to keep them from tucking us in.

We are well taken care of here and we have taken all the measures to register with the state department. Of course you are all worried, but fear not, we are alert and aware.

We even have our eyes on China, as there has been recent protesting in the southern provinces. We’ve learned that Beijing should still be operating as usual, as it is the seat of the government and a fortress against political dissent and protesting.

Having braved Syntagma Square in Athens during labor protests, New Delhi during anti-government protests, and Thailand during…Thailand, we feel prepared for what may (or more likely, may not) come next.

Look forward to our posts on Phuket, Bangkok Pt. 2, Singapore, and Manila.


5 Responses to “Update on Philppines”
  1. Jude Mahler says:

    Thanks for the reassurance Hersh. It’s hard to know what things are really like on the other side of the world. When I woke up this morning and heard on the news about the travel alerts, I activated my protective mother response. I’m happy you are all OK and enjoying yourselves. We love reading about your adventures. -Jude

  2. Ami Costello says:

    Thanks Hersh! If you did not know the politics and the layout of the land in the Philippines, that travel alert was very scary. Yes, keep your eyes and ears open, think smart always and don’t let your guard down but continue to enjoy your “Trip of Wonders”. Cliff don’t shooo your tour guide and driver away, you won’t succeed:) They have their orders from your Mom. Sorry! I love you! You are all in our thoughts and prayers always!

  3. Yilma Vogel says:

    Thanks Hersh! We are all thinking about you and know that while you are having an amazing time, you are also being very smart regarding how you go about doing that.

    Thanks to you as well, Mrs. Costello for making sure that they are taken good care of while in the Philipppines. It’s a relief to know that someone is looking out for them.

    You guys continue to enjoy this amazing opportunity to travel the world and take care of each other.


  4. Diane briggs says:

    Thanks for the update Hersh, so glad to hear you’re all well and enjoying your trip.
    Thank you Ami for the extra security, we can relax knowing they’re in excellent hands!
    Take care and keep the posts coming!

  5. elsa says:

    Any new updates about your trip to the Philippines? I’m dying to see pictures and ur blog. Hope u have a grand time

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