We Are Sparta

As recent CWRU alumni, we wanted to pay homage our alma mater by representing Case around the world. Advertisements

Guide books, shmide books…

Frommer’s? Lonely Planet? Why spend one hostel’s worth of money on a guide book when all you need to know is available right here on the interwebs? (Thanks, Al Gore!) Check out this RTW Quick Guide we’ve put together about our destinations. It contains a primer on each location, information about the addresses of all … Continue reading

Get pumped!

As I check things off my purchase, pack, and general to-do lists and nervously wonder what I’m forgetting, all the worries go away when the adrenaline pumps through my veins when I hear this song… our anthem. Around the World!

The TOW Grows to 8 Travelers!

The Trip of Wonders is overjoyed with the addition of Jared M, Amy B, and Priya V. They will be joining Ryan, Steph, Cliff, Ali, and myself at various points of our journey. Amy will tour Greece with us, Jared will join us after completing Birthright in Israel, and Priya will meet us in Bangkok … Continue reading

…and we’re booked!

As of late Friday evening (March 25), the entire gang (whose profiles you will soon be able to read in the Pages section) – minus one – are officially going around the world after graduation. Stay tuned for LOTS of content updates that will chronicle our journey through the process and the actual act of … Continue reading