All Thaired Out

We arrived in Bangkok at our familiarly early time of 6:30. No delays having just emerged from Phuket, we felt groggy but we felt good. We had to. We had about 24 hours to conquer a city that travelers at our last hostel had spent about a month and our friend Simon (who we met … Continue reading

A Bucket in Phuket, pt. 2

A Bucket in Phuket, pt. 2 The following morning, we were as eager to start the day as we were to leave the dingy hostel we stayed in the previous night. We originally planned to catch the sunrise over Patong Beach, but we woke up around 8:00AM with wicked Chang-overs. Still, we changed into swim … Continue reading

A Bucket in Phuket

A Bucket in Phuket, Pt. 1 (Continued from “Oh My, Thai!”) On the morning after our first day in Bangkok, we all woke up at different times from a rocky night of sleeping in cramped berths. Our stop in Surat Thani was scheduled for 6:30AM, but because of the delay from the previous night, our … Continue reading

Oh My, Thai!

Oh My, Thai! The flight from Delhi to Bangkok was awful. We were flying AirAsia and we were very excited because we figured we would get a Thai meal on the flight to Thailand (like we had Indian food on the flight to India). Strike one: not only was there no food on the flight … Continue reading

Now how are we going to get Monitor Lizards???

Straight from the BBC… “Customs officials in Thailand have seized 1,800 protected lizards said to be destined to be sold as food. The Bengal monitor lizards, stuffed into blue mesh bags and hidden behind fruit, were found in southern Thailand near the Malaysian border. Lizard meat is valuable and seen as a delicacy in parts of Asia. Global … Continue reading