Update on Philppines

Hey readers (and specifically, parents), I just wanted to let everyone one know that we are on the beautiful island of Palawan far away from the usual terrorist/insurgent activities of the southern Philippines. Mrs. Costello has done an INCREDIBLE job in making sure we are escorted at all times and that we are under the … Continue reading

Pilgrimage of Hinduism, Baha’i, and Kebab

It was a day like any other in India. We woke up, showered and ate our breakfast in our hostel, all under the false assumption (and hope) that the air conditioning would follow us outside. It did not. On the day we planned to spend the most time outdoors, India treated us with what seemed … Continue reading

Across the Acropolis

Across the Acropolis Our last day in Santorini started with a morning ride into Fira to haggle for souvenirs and a picturesque breakfast on the cliffside looking over the Santorini caldera. After enjoying our Greek coffee and yogurt, planking the restaurant, and taking our CWRU picture, it was off to prepare for our 7-8 hr … Continue reading

The End of Island Hopping

Amy and I started our island hopping adventure knowing we would go first to Mykonos and end in Santorini to join the rest of the TOW contingent, but didn’t have a plan for what to do in between. Since it is still off season and Greece is a pretty free spirited place (if you haven’t … Continue reading

Athens! (1.0)

This last week has been nothing like the Monday-Fridays Amy and I are used to, and has completely flown by! We’ve been confused all week about what day it was, but starting way back on Tuesday we got to explore 3500 year old ruins (the Parthenon), see a ton of Acropolis animals, and eat more … Continue reading