Step 4: Medical prep

The most important thing when taking a trip like this one is to make sure you stay as healthy as possible.  You don’t need a sip of the wrong water to ruin a significant portion of your vacation.

Step 1: Go to a travel clinic as soon as you nail down your booking

They know exactly what you need for every location you may be travelling to, and even give you extra tips on what to do and what not to do (mainly make sure the food you eat is cooked and the water you drink and brush your teeth with is bottled).

Step 2: Prepare for everything

When making your medical kit, make sure you have everything covered.  This not only includes any prescriptions pills you may have been given at the travel clinic (i.e. Malarone, or Azithromycin) but generic OTC medications for:

Allergies (nasal spray or benadryl)

Motion Sickness (dramamine, which will also work well to knock you out for a long flight/bus/train)

Jet Lag (especially when going full circle around the world, I suggest melatonin)

Bug spray and wipes (Get yo’ DEET on)

Bug Bite ointments

Itch cream

Immodium – Just for shits.


Medical Paperwork (include copies of your vaccination records and any literature given to you at the health clinic or that you find online)

Step 3: Seriously be careful what you eat and drink

As your travel clinic physician will surely tell you, MAKE SURE EVERYTHING YOU EAT IS COOKED.  Make sure the meat is well done, the vegetables are steaming, and steer clear of fruit and salads which are usually washed with tap water and not necessarily prepared in the most sanitary ways (fruit with a peel is OK, just dont eat the peel).  Make sure you are using bottled water bought from a grocerie or convenience store and that you break the seal of the lid yourself.  Don’t buy it from some random guy off the street (they have been known to fill them with tap water and re-seal the tops, so breaking the seal of a water bottle is not always enough to ensure it isn’t tap).


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