Step 6: Heading Out

All our preparations over the past several months have led to this day. We cannot put into words the excitement and anticipation we feel.

We have to run through our final checklists, still:

  • Notify our cell phone carriers/upgrade our plans
  • Notify our credit card companies
  • Set up vacation messages on all emails
  • Confirm our flights
  • Verify we have our documents – passports/copies/travelers’ checks/itineraries/insurance information/e-tickets/bus tickets/train tickets/hostel confirmations/etc.
  • Re-check our packing lists, and
  • Take our “before” pictures

Thanks to everyone (especially our families) for all your support and encouragement throughout this process. We will cherish our experiences even more knowing we have your blessings with us.

Follow us from today onwards on our posts section (on the homepage) and on our twitter account: @TripOfWonders.

We’ll see you when we see you…

Clockwise from left: Ryan, Cliff, Hersh, Anoop (friend of TOW), Megan (friend of TOW), and Steph. Not Pictured: Ali, Amy, Jared, and Priya.

One Response to “Step 6: Heading Out”
  1. Yilma Vogel says:

    Be safe and have an amazing time!!!

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