Step 2: Booking the trip

The process of booking the TOW was quick and easy. We began the search for travel companies online, and it didn’t take us very long to find the folks at (go ahead, try Googling “around the world trip” and see how far you have to scroll to find Airtreks). The most attractive aspect of this company was that they offered a unique way selecting your itinerary – they let you use an interactive application to choose your destinations and request a quote. In addition, they also have prepared packages at fairly low prices as well.

Still we did our homework on the company. We checked out reviews online and discovered promising things. The San Francisco Better Business Bureau gave it an A+, and overall, the feedback on Yelp was good – with the exception of a few disgruntled customers (who, surprisingly, mixed in praise with frustration). All-in-all, we had a strong impression of Airtreks before we even requested a quote.

We submitted a request for a quote in January, and we were contacted with three days by our travel consultant booking champion, Glenn. Between January and March, I exchanged dozens of emails with Glenn to change, tweak, refine, and revamp our trip based on evolving developments and changing demands from our group. Ever-patient, however, Glenn was friendly and accommodating throughout the entire process.

When we finally settled into a price and itinerary we all agreed upon, it still took us an entire month to actually book. We each went to our parents financiers to ask for permission approval and we all had our own personal anxiety about making such a huge commitment. Are we sure this is the best price? Is this really what we want to do/where we want to go? Are we prepared to commit??

Though waiting gave us a chance to come to terms with the commitment, it did come at a cost. We booked the TOW on March 25, and it cost us an extra $200+ each because seats on some cheaper flights were no longer available. All-in-all, the lesson we learned from the booking process was commit hard and commit early because waiting and doubting is expensive!


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