Pilgrimage of Hinduism, Baha’i, and Kebab

It was a day like any other in India. We woke up, showered and ate our breakfast in our hostel, all under the false assumption (and hope) that the air conditioning would follow us outside. It did not. On the day we planned to spend the most time outdoors, India treated us with what seemed … Continue reading

Delhi Belly

By Jared, Walking into The Wood Castle, we were greeted with a cool gust of air that assured us that we would be enjoying air conditioning. To get to reception we had to walk down stairs that brought us below street level. The hostel owners gave us a warm welcome and told us to take … Continue reading

From Sandals to Saris

We awoke at the Pella Inn on a mission to find the best gyros in Athens by our friend Jeremy’s standards: Thanassis. Stephanie and I forced the boys on our first (I hope of many) shopping detours to a small shop off of Monastiraki Square called “The Poet”. The Poet is a handmade leather sandal … Continue reading